Monday, September 23, 2013


So I have come to the stage where details are added to the miniature and corrections are made where needed. This is the stage when the littlest blobs (smidgeons, literally) of putty are used and it can be a frustrating process. The idea of course, is to perservere. Hold that image of perfection in your head and do not allow for compromise. With this, you may be able to achieve 50% of what you had set out to do initially (more, if you have attained a higher level of mastery).

Over time and over many attempts, your ignorant hands will bend to your mind's indomitable will. And if you believe what scientists say, don't neglect your meals while exercising your willpower because hunger saps much of it away.

Even with knowledge of this, you can see that my willpower is still unable to master my stubborn, clumsy hands completely.

Speaking of blobs of putty, one tip for budding sculptors that I discovered to be rather important. The amount of putty you peel off from the main blob that you mixed has to be at least approximately the right size for that thing you are sculpting. Don't be afraid to scrape away more if even that tiny blob you took was too much. After all, what is a little wasted putty if your sculpt looks better for it?

Well, that is it for today. See ya next time.

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