Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Some Painting

So real life got in the way, as it often does and it has been a while since I had an entry in this blog. This will, of course, be quite a frequent occurence, and more so at this point since I am now in the midst of preparations for re-location. The unfortunate thing is that I have packed away my sculpting tools and materials and will not have the chance to sculpt until I am well and truly settled into my new place. The good thing is that I have left for myself a very few models and paints to pack in last so that I can paint a model or two in the meantime. I have not had time to take my time to enjoy painting over the years as I pushed to 'finish' my armies. I have resolved to change this and downsize my collection of miniatures drastically. I will be getting away from army-sized games and going towards  games with a low model count. I want to play with fully painted models and terrain and I don't want to wait till I retire to do it.

Yes, I really enjoy this hobby. The inner geek in me is strong.

I enjoy painting a lot but cannot claim to be a prolific painter. In fact, I am anything but. In life, one has to choose to invest his or her time into some things and hobby-wise, I chose sculpting over painting. It's just a personal thing; I get more kick out of sculpting than painting.

I am  a Tolkien fan. I read the books before they made the movies. I loved the movies despite the inconsistencies. I love miniatures, painting them and playing with them. All this have swirled together in the fullness of time and coalesced into the Games Workshop line of LoTR minis, which have now been re-named The Hobbit since we are smack in the middle of The Hobbit Trilogy.

My first model for show and tell is (of course) Gandalf the White:

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